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About FMC

Frey Manufacturing Corp. is committed to providing the best traffic signal mounting equipment in the industry. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and have a long history of reliability for each designated use. The innovation that drives our company continues to adapt to satisfy the ever growing demands of municipal traffic departments in our increasingly technological economy. The ability to provide products that are designed to work with unique traffic situations and the flexibility to improve upon existing structures makes Frey Manufacturing Corp your go- to place for your traffic needs.   With attention to detail including properly NEC grounded equipment and no set screw installation on signal mounts our products prove to be the best functioning and lowest maintenance in our industry. The changing traffic industry has demanded the best signal mounting equipment, and we have been manufacturing them since 1981.
New Products
Clear Anodized Natural / No Finish Black Powder Coat Custom Color Powder Coat
McCain Programmable Signal Mounts Two of our new products are the 45VA and 35EA. These Plumbizers are a solution for the need to mount the new McCain Programmable signals. Because of our ability to bolt our mounting brackets and eliminate set screws, programmable signals and all signals are able to stay aimed with almost no maintenance for the life of the intersection.
Available Colors for Crosswalk Pedestal Frey Manufacturing now offers a variety of colors for the crosswalk pedestal. A clear anodized finish is our standard when it comes to our crosswalk components, however, requests for other finishes has caused us to offer almost anything to accommodate your intersection color schemes. We now stock Clear Anodized, Natural / No finish, and Black Powder Coat. In addition, we understand you may have specific color requirements so also available is any Custom Color Powder Coat to accommodate your job. Anodizing can also come in various shades of bronze and black.
Dark Bronze Anodized