About FMC

Frey Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1981 to provide a quality signal mounting system that worked. Previous to starting Frey Manufacturing, Bob Frey, President/CEO of FMC, was working on a project for street lighting as an electrical designer. Through the course of meetings, it became apparent that Mn DOT was having trouble keeping their signals aligned with the set screw style system they were using. FMC has designed a system that could solve the problems of maintenance and pre-mature lamp failure. The 32A and 32B plumbizer uses two tapered washers to adjust the pitch and level of the signals. Then it is bolted in place rather than using set screws. Several adapters, Crosswalk Pedestals, Mast Arm Dampeners, signal extensions, and accessories have been added to the system.

Since the creation of the 32A plumbizer a new style of plumbizer that uses a ball and socket to adjust pitch and level rather than the tapered washers has been equally successful. These plumbizer are called the 35E and 45V. Since FMC has been in business, we have created a complete line of mounting equipment to offer for almost any application.

Frey Manufacturing provides products that work and are virtually maintenance free, in fact some of the original installations from late 1970’s has not needed adjustment or re-aiming. However, they can only be used if they are specified on your Approved Products List in your state.