Pole Mounting Adapter Galvanized

For mounting pedestrian audible or non-audible crosswalk switch on a pole where a sidewalk has no room for a crosswalk pedestal. For new construction or retrofit. Round surface to aim switch button arrow at the crosswalk for the blind or disabled. Can mount switch button at 42” above grade even with an elevated foundation and transformer base. Can be mounted on a pole, wall, or cabinet, etc. Comes galvanized, or powder coat colors available over the galvanizing. Allows ADA requirements of multiple APS switches to be at least 10’ apart. The 22PMAG can help meet ADA design requirement challenges. The 22PMAG Pole Mounting Adapter can also be used with the Saddle Adapter kit (Dwg. 20.0.0) to extend the APS even further out from the pole.

Download PDF here