Crosswalk Pedestal (CP6 Series)

Features: ADA Accessibility: Our base is fully ADA accessible from all angles no matter where your button is mounted on the pipe. Even if your button is mounted over the corner of the base it allows an individual in a wheelchair to roll up to the button and press it without having to reach out past the edge of their wheelchair. This feature gives a handicap person who has no arms the capability to press the button with their head or other object with out having to reach. Also the base can be mounted directly on the sidewalk avoiding having a concrete pier as an obstruction for a wheelchair to roll around. Easy Installation: The base is designed for a easy and pain free installation. It can be used for new construction, retrofit, or knockdown repair of the old pipe in the concrete style. In any case the anchor bolts are simply drilled into the concrete and set with epoxy. If there is a knockdown of the old style pipe there is no need to cut the pipe perfectly flush to the concrete. The opening on the bottom of the base is designed to fit over the existing pipe. Knockdown Repair: In the event of an accident, our base is engineered to be frangible in two places. First at the mounting flange, and second, around the door. The frangibility of this base allows for easy repair. In most cases the anchor bolts will be in tact for a new base to be set in the same place and the pipe, cap, button, and wiring can be reused. All of these features are designed to limit time and exposure in the field.
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